SVG DEMO (3D projected to 2D)

What you should see looks a bit like a spinning cube, which moves when you press the '+' or '-' buttons on x, y or z spin axes. But actually it is the shadow of a spinning cube. Admittedly a strange kind of shadow - colored, and with optional display of edge lines. It is like a backlit shadow onto the screen from a light behind the screen with the cube between the light and the sceen. You can change the light distance with the perspective buttons and can offset the cube up/down or left/right to get a kind of stretched shadow.

This silly demo is pure javascript.

xspin: yspin: zspin: angle: 5 10 20 degrees
outline: Y N trails: Y N perspective: L M H
x-offset: L M H y-offset: L M H
fill-color: R G B scale: S M L